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Ormonde Street Car Park, Kilkenny City

Mc Loughlin Industrial Flooring completed a turnkey renovation project during July 2017 at Ormonde Street car park in Kilkenny City. An existing membrane had degraded and de-bonded over several years resulting in extensive ingress of water through the facilities top parking level. Fully exposed to the elements, the design criteria included resistance to UV and thermal cycling, fully elastomeric waterproofing properties and slip resistance.

Mc Loughlin Industrial Flooring was contracted to provide a fully inclusive service combining removal of the existing membrane, surface preparation and installation of a new waterproofing system. Rinol OS11b polyurethane was the chosen product and Mc Loughlin Industrial Flooring is the appointed distributor and sole approved applicator of Rinol materials in Ireland and the UK. Utilizing our in-house surface preparation team, the company used state of the art equipment to remove the failed membrane and properly prepare the concrete substrate. The membrane was removed using a ride-on "Terminator" machine equipped with blades which enable the unit to cut underneath the floor topping. Remaining residue and primer were removed through a combination of scabbling and diamond grinding. The concrete deck was finally vacuum blasted to provide a suitable surface for the new membrane.

The total surface was primed with a penetrating epoxy primer and surface cracking was stripe coated / banded with a 200mm wide strip of flexible polyurethane membrane. All perimeter edges were coved to provide a radius transition at the interface of floor and wall. Rinol OS11b elastomeric membrane was applied and broadcast with graded aggregates for slip resistance. After curing, the top deck was sealed with Rinol PU-S616 UV resistant aliphatic polyurethane.

Upon completion, the flooring system was evaluated by an independent testing authority to confirm slip resistance. PTV readings (Pendulum Test Values) in excess of 36 were recorded throughout confirming "low slip potential" in terms of BS 7976-2 guidelines.

Mc Loughlin Industrial Flooring Limited offer a full turnkey package incorporating supply of materials and installation. We do not sub-contract any element of our works and have a skilled workforce proficient in the installation of the various resin flooring systems available on the market. We also have a large selection of specialist plant and equipment required for such applications and this enables us to project manage and schedule all aspects of the installation, including surface preparation. All employees are members of the Construction Industry Federation Pension Scheme and the company is fully CAS compliant.

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