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Chemical containment and protection of concrete surfaces from corrosive acids and solutions is a key element of our business. At McLoughlin Industrial Flooring, we specialize in the design and installation of a range of high performance polymer coatings and linings to protect concrete and metal substrates from harmful exposure to acids and chemicals. We are proud of our partnership with Dudick Inc., the world leader in custom engineered coatings and linings in the containment industry sector.

We have been appointed as sole applicators for Dudick CRC lining systems in Europe and our relationship has developed into a key strategic focus for our business. Our association with Dudick Inc. has enabled us to provide proven CRC lining systems to Intel and a variety of multi-national organisations in Ireland. Dudick products have been developed over many years specifically for chemical containment and we enjoy their exceptional technical input and assistance. Mc Loughlin Industrial Flooring personnel have been trained in the use of Dudick CRC systems and their Technical Service representatives visit Ireland on a regular basis.

Site specific lining systems can be designed based on job requirements including a combination of chemical exposure and physical treatment of the lining system. Detailed site information including chemical concentration levels, temperatures, type of exposure (splash / spillage to complete immersion) and physical demands such as impact and abrasion resistance, enable us to recommend the most appropriate system for your needs. This includes choice of chemistry base (epoxy, novalac, vinylester, etc.) and type of configuration, i.e. coatings or fibreglass reinforced.

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Our services include:
  • Corrosion resistant and chemical containment systems
  • High performance coatings and linings
  • Epoxy, novalac, vinylester, polyester and polyurea chemistry systems
  • Fibreglass reinforced for long term durability
  • Strategic partners with leading international CRC manufacturers
  • In-house preparation and installation crews
  • Dedicated in-house polyurea plural component application equipment
  • CRC solutions for the IT, pharma, chemical processing, biological research, water and waste water industries
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